PredictHQ API Documentation

Welcome to PredictHQ's API documentation, a series of notes and instructions that outline the PredictHQ API version 1 and let you tap into PredictHQ's features as you build your own PredictHQ-based applications.

The PredictHQ API provides users with a simple, predictable, standardized, resource-oriented, RESTful interface with JSON-formatted responses that make it easy to search, filter and use our data.

To make integration as streamlined as possible, we use the HTTP protocol for everything we produce, making it easy to access our API with off-the-shelf HTTP clients. Every request to the PredictHQ API can be easily performed using the cURL command line tool.

Never used the PredictHQ API before? Have a read of our Quickstart Guide.

To help you find what you're looking for, this documentation is divided into three sections: API, Authentication and Resources.

You can test-drive the PredictHQ API by importing our Postman Collection below. This is a quick and easy way to become more familiar with our API and how it works.

Run in Postman


This section introduces general elements of the API, including requests, responses and rate limits.


This section explains how to authenticate your requests to the API using OAuth 2.0.


This section describes the resources and actions available via the API, including their possible parameters with example requests and responses.


Use the following endpoint to communicate with the PredictHQ API:


We’re always working to make our technology more efficient and easier to use, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve the API or this documentation, drop us a line.