API Overview

The PredictHQ API is a RESTful API and can be accessed from the https://api.predicthq.com URL. All data exchanges are performed using the JSON format by default.

Below is a guide to point you in the right direction if you're new to the PredictHQ APIs:

Events API

Search for real-world events.

Customers also use this API to keep a copy of PredictHQ Event data updated in their environment.

Every event has unique-to-PredictHQ values like Predicted Attendance, Ranks, Predicted End Times and more.

Broadcasts API

Full broadcast (Live TV) information covering many sporting events in USA.

Customers also use this API to keep a copy of PredictHQ Broadcast data updated in their environment.

Every Broadcast has Predicted Viewership and more.

Features API

Aggregated daily-level features ready for use by ML models.

Customers use this API to very quickly get features that can be used by their forecasting (and other) machine-learning models.

This API removes all of the hard, time-consuming work of aggregating the individual events from Events API.

Beam API

Decomposition, correlation and feature-importance engine.

Customers use this API to understand how events have impacted their business in the past and to know which types of events are likely to impact them in the future so they can prepare for changes in demand.

Demand Surge API

Identify abnormal increases in predicted attendance around your location.

Suggested Radius API

Takes the guesswork out of working out a suitable radius around your location when searching for events.

Customers use this API to more accurately work out a suitable radius around their stores/businesses. Different types of events affect different types of businesses nearer and further away depending on the type.

We strongly recommend using Suggested Radius API for each of your locations to remove the guesswork and improve the accuracy.

Saved Locations API

Get insights about your locations.

Loop API

Manage Loop Links and enable submitting events and feedback.

Places API

Geonames place data.

Did you know - Control Center uses the same APIs you have access to. One of the easiest ways to learn how to use our APIs is to see it in action in Control Center.

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