When requesting a list of records, the response will usually contain the following fields:



The total number of results.


A URL to the previous page, or null if this is the first page.


A URL to the next page, or null if this is the last page.


Boolean flag that indicates if the search has more results than your subscription allows you to view.

Below is an example response:

  "count": 189,
  "overflow": false,
  "previous": null,
  "next": "",
  "results": [
        // record 1
        // record 2

    // more records


Individual API Endpoint documentation will describe specific response formats.

You can control the result records that are returned using the standard offset and limit query string parameters. If no limit is specified, then a default of 10 applies.

The maximum number of results and pagination limits are specified in your plan. If you require higher limits please contact us to discuss your needs.

Maximum Number of Results

When the number of results exceeds the maximum number of records allowed by your subscription the overflow field will be set to true. This indicates there are more results available but you are unable to paginate to them.

You can work around this limitation by performing more specific searches resulting in fewer results.

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