Searching by Location

Performing a radial search using our Events API's within parameter is a common way to find events that impact your locations of interest. See our guide on radial searches and the within search parameter.

Which events are returned by a radial search depends on their location and geometry type. The image below shows the result of the example radial search performed in Control Center: A 4-mile radius around a point in Brooklyn, New York, USA - the search area is the blue circle.


Point event with Point geometry

Returned if their point falls within the specified radius. In the image below, matching point events are the dots within the blue circle.

Area event with Polygon or MultiPolygon geometry

Returned if any part of the polygons intersect with the specified radius. In the image below, matching events with polygons intersect with the blue circle.

Area event with Point geometry

Returned if the radial search location (the provided lat,lon coordinates regardless of radius) is a child place of the area event's place. In the image below, the dot outside the blue circle is an area event without a polygon. This event covers all of New York City, and since the radial search's location is in Brooklyn, a child place of New York City, this area event was returned also.

We recommend that if you are looking for events around a location like a store, hotel, or other bricks and mortar location, you use a radial search (a within query) to find events that impact you.

In order to set your radius we recommend using the Suggested Radius API. Call the Suggested Radius API and supply the latitude and longitude of the location and use that radius to look for events around a location. The Suggested Radius API is powered by a machine learning model that looks at factors like population density, the events around a location, the customer’s industry, and many other factors to determine the ideal radius.

You can also search for events occurring, in particular, Geonames Places using the place.scope parameter with Place ids. In our Severe-Weather Events Data Engineering notebook, we provide code examples to find Place ids for your locations of interest.

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