Integrate with Loop Links

Loop Links provide an easy way for you submit missing Events and provide feedback on existing Events.

PredictHQ's Loop tool allows customers to submit feedback on existing events and to submit missing events. PredictHQ has global events data from hundreds of providers, but sometimes our data may not include events such as hyperlocal events. Loop allows customers to report events that appear to be missing. It also allows customers to provide feedback on events if they have updates to details like attendance, times, or location.

Using Loop requires a PredictHQ login to Control Center, however, some customers want their users to be able to submit event feedback without needing a PredictHQ login. These customers want a way to integrate the ability to report missing events or event feedback into their product.

Loop Links provide a way for customers to integrate with Loop without their users needing a Control Center login, and enable the following:

  • Customers can integrate Loop into their products such as a web app, mobile app, or other tool

  • Each customer can generate a unique URL to allow their users to submit event feedback and missing event information

  • Events are processed by PredictHQ in the normal way and valid events or feedback are updated in the PredictHQ system

  • Events that are added and approved via Loop are returned via the Events API

This means you can allow your users to submit feedback on events but your support team doesn't need to spend time managing this feedback. It will go straight to PredictHQ.

To use Loop Links you need to use the API that creates Loop Links. See Loop Links Technical Details below. See also, our Loop Links API documentation for details on creating Loop Links.


Loop Links provide a URL that allows a user to provide event feedback. Customers create Loop Links URLs via the Loop Links API. You must configure your own URLs before you can integrate Loop Links into your application.

The link does not require authentication. It has customer details embedded. For example:

  • Label: My First Capture Link

  • Link: (note: this is not a valid link, just an example)

Customers can link to the URL from within their application and feedback will go straight into the Loop system.

The advantage is customers don’t need to build a UI. The UI is responsive and works on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Customers integrate two functions in their application:

  • One for submitting missing events

  • Another for feedback on events - event feedback should be linked to a part of your application that displays an event

These buttons link to the screens shown in the following section.

Below is a fictitious example app with examples of adding buttons for the two types of Loop Feedback

The diagram below shows how your app will integrate with the Loop Links event pages:

The heading at the top of the Loop pages defaults to your organization name in Control Center. You can update it to change it via the API.

Missing event link

Opens a PredictHQ web page where users can enter details of a missing event in the browser.

We recommend you open this in a new window.

Event feedback link

Opens a PredictHQ web page where users can provide feedback on an existing event. Requires the public event ID of the event.

Integrate this link where you are displaying a PredictHQ event in your app. We recommend you open this in a new window.

Submitting Missing Events

  • Users enter event details

  • PredictHQ teams review and approves or reject events

  • Approved events show as visible to the customer as active events

  • Users receive an email when an event is approved or rejected

Providing Feedback on Events

  • User reviews the event details on the page and can provide feedback

  • This requires an event ID to be passed to the loop links' URL

  • Feedback is approved or rejected

  • Users will receive an email if there are any questions about their feedback

The Loop Links platform sends automated emails in the following cases:

  • When a submitted event is approved

  • When a submitted event is rejected

  • When there is a reply or comment on event feedback

The email templates contain the organization at the top of the template. This is the same organization name that is shown at the top of the the Loop Link pages for submitting missing events and event feedback. It can be updated by calling PUT /v1/loop/settings. See Loop Links Technical Details for more information.

Note that users cannot reply to these emails. In order to reply to them you need to use the event feedback page for the event in question and send a response in the feedback.

See below for some example emails:

See an example below of the email template for approved events:

Tracking Loop Feedback

Users with admin access can track Loop feedback at :

  • Needs a PredictHQ login

  • Shows if Loop submissions are approved or rejected

  • Shows details of the discussion about the loop events with responses from PredictHQ

  • Allows administrators to track the status of events submitted by their end users

This is typically used by support teams if issues are raised about event feedback and they want to review the feedback.

Integration Overview

  1. Create Loop Links using the API:

    1. Store links in your system, or

    2. Use the link immediately.

  2. If required update the org_name name field via the settings API to set the name displayed at the top of the Loop pages

  3. Implement the links in your application.

  4. End-user clicks the link which opens the Public Loop UI in a browser.

    1. No login is needed.

    2. The end-user is presented with the form to submit an event (or feedback - depending on which type of link was clicked).

  5. End-user fills in the form.

  6. End-user receives an email when the event they submitted is approved or rejected.

Submit missing event

To submit a missing event create a Loop Link and open the Loop Link from your application:

E.g., open the link with /event/ in the URL: (note: this is not a valid link just an example)

Submit event feedback

To provide feedback on an existing event - open the /event-feedback/ Loop Link and supply the event_id parameter on the URL: (note: this is not a valid link just an example)

Note that the event ID to use is the id field from the Events API. Typically feedback is provided when you are displaying an event from the PredictHQ API in your application. A feedback link or icon is added next to the event to allow users to provide feedback.

To pre-fill the user's email address

The Loop forms require a user email address. You can pre-populate the email address by passing it in the query string. The name of the parameter is email. (note: this is not a valid link just an example)

  • Loop Links can be reused unless an expiry date time is set

  • If an expiry date time is set they can no longer be used after they expire

  • If no expiry date time is set they can be reused indefinitely

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