Event labels are succinct descriptive attributes attached to events that can help with granular data selection and feature engineering use cases.
For example, within the Conferences category, knowing the subject(s) covered within the conference (science-and-technology, educational, automotive, etc.) may help you narrow down on events that are relevant to your business.
Each event record has two separate label fields (phq_labels and labels).

PHQ Labels

PHQ Labels are generated through newer Large Language Models (LLMs) and overall achieve a higher standard of specificity and relevance in highlighting an event's key themes when compared to legacy methods.
This field is named phq_labels.
PHQ Labels are available for the following categories:
  • Conferences
  • Expos
  • Festivals
  • Performing Arts
  • Community

Labels (Legacy)

Legacy labels are still returned in order to preserve backwards compatibility with existing user implementations.
This field is named labels
Legacy labels are available for all event categories.