AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange (ADX) allows customers to access regularly updated, full and incremental exports of PredictHQ data. The data is provided as either CSV, JSON or Parquet and can be automatically copied to AWS S3 where your existing Data Warehouse, Data Science platform or other data platform natively integrates with, to keep your copy of PredictHQ data continuously up-to-date.

This means with very little setup, you can incorporate the data into your models, removing or greatly simplifying the need for ELT/ETL processes to pull event data into your data warehouse. You can check out the AWS Data Exchange Overview page if you're interested to read more on how AWS Data Exchange works.

The easiest way to get started using PredictHQ data via AWS Data Exchange is to setup automatic export of data from ADX to S3.

Do you already use Snowflake?

If you already use Snowflake then take a look at our Snowflake Secure Data Sharing options.

PredictHQ’s Data Offerings on AWS Data Exchange

PredictHQ has partnered with AWS to make forecast-grade data more easily available. Event and Broadcast data are the first to be offered on AWS Data Exchange.

Free Sample Data Shares

PredictHQ offers multiple sample event data sets on the AWS Data Exchange Marketplace for free. You can view and try these sample data sets on PredictHQ's page on the AWS Data Exchange Marketplace or by clicking on any of the links below:

  • Attended Events Sample

    • Data Type: Events (alternative)

    • Categories: sportsconcertsexposconferencesfestivalsperforming-arts and community

    • Location: City of Seattle

    • Historical Visibility Time Window: 1 Year

    • Future Visibility Time Window: 30 Days

    • Data Format: CSV

  • Non-Attended Events Sample

    • Data Type: Events (Event API alternative)

    • Categories: public-holidaysschool-holidaysobservancespoliticsdaylight-savings and academic

    • Location: City of Seattle

    • Historical Visibility Time Window: 1 Year

    • Future Visibility Time Window: 30 Days

    • Data Format: CSV

  • Unscheduled Events Sample

    • Data Type: Events (Event API alternative)

    • Categories: severe-weatherdisastersairport-delaysterror and health-warnings

    • Location: State of California

    • Historical Visibility Time Window: 1 Year

    • Future Visibility Time Window: 30 Days

    • Data Format: CSV

  • Live TV Events Sample

    • Data Type: Broadcasts (Broadcast API alternative)

    • Broadcast Types: sports

    • Location: State of California

    • Time Frame: 1 Month

    • Data Format: CSV

  • Developer plan access to PredictHQ Event API using AWS authentication

    • Data Type: Events (Event API alternative - uses AWS authentication instead of PredictHQ API Token)

    • Categories: All

    • Location: Global

    • Historical Visibility Time Window: 22 Months

    • Future Visibility Time Window: 30 Days

Samples are just... Samples!

The sample data sets are not limited in terms of columns or fields making them valuable for business and data science evaluations. However as has been outlined above, these data sets are limited to a specific location and restricted time window that might not suit your use case. These samples therefore represent a small fraction of the data we have available. We offer Private Listings which are filtered to match your PredictHQ license.

Private Listings

Private Listings can be set up to match your PredictHQ license in terms of data type, locations and time window. We can provide the data in CSV, JSON or Parquet formats and configure dumps of data at regular intervals. The files contained in the data set revisions can be automatically copied to S3 where your Data Warehouse (or other data platform) will be able to pick them up.

PredictHQ will create the Private Listing and extend an “offer” to your AWS Account ID which you can then accept to start accessing the data.

Receiving data via an ADX Private Listing is a great alternative to writing code to integrate with our APIs allowing you to get the data you need much faster. Many Data Warehouses, Data Science Platforms and other data platforms integrate natively with S3 to load data.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and we will come back to you as soon as possible.