Other Example Data Science Notebooks

This section provides other example Jupyter notebooks for data science teams. These provide guides and examples to get you up and running quickly. Our goal is to provide easily usable snippets that you can use to explore our data and APIs. We will add and change the content here over time.

Venue Exploration Notebook

Where events have a venue our events are linked to the venues they occur at. For example a sports stadium, a conference center or a concert hall. Venues are stored in our system as entities. Venues are used with our attended events. Once you know the venue id you can call the Events API and retrieve all events at a venue.

Venues are often a key source of demand. If you have a major conference venue or sports center near your business's location you may see a lot of demand from events at that venue.

This notebook is a guide to exploring PredictHQ’s venue information. The notebook shows how to:

  • Get venue information from the event data

  • Display all venues on a map

  • See what types of events are more frequently held in venues

  • Find the estimated capacity of venues

You can find the notebook on Github.